Digital communication
for science & research

Syper: Scientific Perceptions

Syper is a complete communications and technical service for knowledge-oriented organisations with international audiences and participants.

We provide content services, design and programming together with website hosting and support. We create websites and services with accessibility and usability built in from the start.

Syper also helps you manage communication and promotion campaigns across different channels and social media.

Multiple sites, one system

Do you need to manage more than just your main website? Do you promote project work, publish online materials or organise courses and conferences?

With the Syper Platform, you can easily handle multiple sites and services in one place - each managed by different teams and with different audiences, languages and domains.

  • Main websites
  • Project and event sites
  • Data services and intranets
  • Online publications and courses 
  • Landing pages and thematic sites
Owl. Photo: Kevin Mueller / Unsplash

Content control

The most important and time-consuming part of a website or campaign is the content. Sadly, over time it often becomes the most neglected part.

Syper assists with establishing communication strategies and processes that suit your organisation and its teams. We produce content and editorial guidelines and coordinate your messaging for your target audiences.

We help you prioritise based on the resources you have available, and assist in identifying areas where more resources need to be allocated.

Effective design

We create digital designs that combine aesthetics with functionality, usability and accessibility. That means fast and compliant web sites and services where the user experience comes first.

Syper can adapt your existing branding elements or create complete graphic profiles and design guidelines for screen and print.

We also create infographics and interactive data visualisations for communicating statistics or scientific processes.

Support and training

Syper provides custom support and training tailored to your team. If you have an IT section, we will work with them to ensure a high level of self-sufficiency; if not, Syper handles all technical and maintenance tasks for your digital communications.