Design for your audience

Your graphic identity should be consistent across design surfaces and it needs to accommodate the strengths and limitations of different devices and channels: desktop, laptop, mobile, touch and print. We create and code designs that prioritise the user experience. 

Branding & graphic design

We provide complete graphic profiles from scratch, or update and adapt your existing designs for new channels and promotional initiatives.

Logo and colours

Many organisations have a logo and visual design that have been used for some time. They have achieved a degree of brand identity, though it may have originally been created with limited resources at hand. We can help you modernise the logo, as well as graphic elements and palettes, while preserving your established brand identity.

Graphic profiles

Syper can deliver complete graphic profiles which include logos, palettes, graphic elements, templates, and design guidelines. This includes templates for documents and marketing materials like brochures and posters.

Publications and print materials

Building on design guidelines and templates, Syper can provide print-ready publications and promotional materials along with versions for digital download. Some examples: course materials, reports, brochures, posters, roll-ups, physical objects such as mugs.

Promotion strategy & campaigns

Syper can help you develop strategies for promoting your brand and your creations. We will help you select promotional channels, plan and design materials, carry out campaigns and evaluate the results afterwards.

Web and UX design

Syper builds attractive, user-friendly and efficient designs using modern code standards and best practices. We avoid excessive animations and effects that might at a first glance look impressive but cause a bad experience for your users. We are committed to designs that work for your users, as opposed to showing off for other designers.

Usability and accessibility

We build interfaces with usability and accessibility principles applied from the start.

Accessibility is a legal requirement under EU law as well as in national legislation, and there are technical checklists for satisfying such requirements. Usability means the quality of the user’s experience when interacting with your websites or apps, including accessibility techniques.

Data visualisation

We can help you present data and metadata in a variety of visual formats and levels of interactivity, such as charts, maps, or interactive graphics. We connect visualisations to your backend data sources for automated and dynamic updates.

SEO for search engine visibility

The foundation for good search engine results is quality content with proper structure and metadata. We build correctly structured and coded layout sections and assist with writing and creating content for digital media. 

We will use our experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve your search visibility and help you reach your audiences.

Performance and compatibility

Our code is handcrafted according to best practice and industry standards. We employ technologies such as Tailwind to minimise the footprint and maximise the performance of websites and apps, while thoroughly testing interfaces to ensure usability across devices.

Combined with custom hosting, this allows us to provide excellent performance and stability with very reasonable operational costs.