The Syper Platform

Based on Pimcore, our publishing platform provides excellent performance, usability and adaptability. It empowers editors through its explorer-style, drag-and-drop interface and preview features.

Paired with our content and design consultancy, Syper delivers a complete technical and communications solution for organisations that manage and promote knowledge and data. We rely on mature and secure open-source software.

Content management

Pimcore is an open-source, enterprise-level Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with a modern Content Management System (CMS). 

Editing and preview

Edit your content as "what you see is what you get", or quickly switch between preview and edit modes in the CMS for high predictability and productivity. You can instantly preview pages for tablet and mobile devices in landscape or portrait orientation. 

Drag and drop images and files directly onto the page. Drag and drop other pages or data objects onto marked text to create links or embedded items.

Explorer-style browsing, search and grid edit

  • Easily navigate your site hierarchy, assets and files with Explorer-like navigation and quick searches. 
  • Add your own folders for keeping track of things internally. 
  • Find content with customisable searches for pages, assets, structured data and even the contents of uploaded files.
  • Combine with Elasticsearch for even more powerful and speedy searches.
  • Edit multiple data objects quickly in grid views. Customise, save and share views for your team members.
  • Bulk SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) editor for page titles and descriptions.

Digital asset management

Preview uploaded files, tag them with metadata and organise them as you see fit. Drag and drop any asset to embed or link it in your content.

Team access and intranets

Simple-to-use but powerful roles and permissions management provides access control for your own teams as well as collaborative, multi-location workgroups with custom workflows.

Full multilingual support

Every aspect of the platform is translatable and provides interfaces and workflows for managing multilingual versions of your content and navigation.

Several websites, one CMS

Manage dedicated websites for projects, launches and events within the same CMS. These can have separate designs, languages and even their own domain names while leveraging the functionality and content of your main website.


Create calendars to showcase your own activities and those of your partners. Combine external event feeds with your own.

Event registrations

Customisable forms and powerful sorting for managing registrations for your own events. Can be coupled with ecommerce functionality for handling payments, receipts, and notifications.

News and blogs

Publish news and blog items quickly and tag them. Drag and drop related pages or other data objects. Import feeds to complement your news stream, and export your own news feeds.

Online publications

Maintain course materials, entire books, and publications with their own design and layout in the same CMS instance. Generate glossaries automatically.

Client and partner relations

Our platform includes a powerful CRM system for managing your contacts, newsletter registrations, and privacy consent.


Create newsletters with custom designs and easily embed your own content and links to external content. Maintain and distribute newsletters and user consent within your CMS instance.

Database and data service applications

The Syper platform supports advanced structured object and metadata management for creating data services with complete control over front-end functionality. 

Powerful integrations allow for virtually any data source to be consumed and put to use. We employ search engines such as Elasticsearch to provide advanced search and analytics. We create user-friendly and fast interfaces to publish your data services to audiences through websites, apps, and social media.

Hosting and maintenance

Syper provides managed hosting that is customised for the platform and located in the EU. Backup and unlimited traffic is included. Our primary provider is Host Europe, with server locations in France and Germany. We also support hosting on the client's own technical platform when applicable.

We offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tailored to your requirements.

Data privacy and GDPR

We assist our clients in maintaining GDPR compliance, and provide data processing agreements for our hosting and data services. 

Support and training

Our goal is that our clients achieve a high degree of technical self-sufficiency. We offer both online and onsite training as well as comprehensive documentation and support for all our solutions.

We provide rapid support with agreements tailored to our clients’ needs. You don't need an IT department, but if you have one we will coordinate technical responsibilities and training with your team.