Our preferred software

We rely on solid, open-source software to deliver fast websites and data services with high performance, stability and security. Below are the main software platforms we use.

Debian is the rock-solid Linux distribution that serves as the foundation for our solutions.

Nginx is our preferred web server.

Symfony is the PHP framework underpinning the functionality of our publishing and data service platform, and also provides the backbone for customisation and integration.

Pimcore is our primary solutions platform. It's enterprise-level - meaning it can handle the requirements of global companies - but it's excellent for small-to-medium organisations too. And it's open source!

Where appropriate, we use Elasticsearch or OpenSearch for advanced indexing, search and filtering.

We use Matomo for web statistics and analysis - unless you absolutely insist on using Google Analytics.

Wherever possible, we use Tailwind for the leanest and meanest production CSS.

Finally, Microsoft's VS Code is our favourite code editor. We hand code everything!